Trash Removal & Recycling

Garbage Removal and Recycling

In removing garbage from your office, janitors will empty and remove garbage from waste receptacles only. Any extra garbage should be labeled as such, or tagged with a garbage or recycle label for easy identification. To inquire about these labels, please contact the Property Management Office.

Note: Any items too large to fit in the trash compactor (furniture, for example) are the responsibility of the Tenant.

Paper Products

The Summit has an “All Fiber Paper Products” recycling program in place for Recycling. This program virtually eliminates most things from your waste basket and redirects them to the recycle boxes. The general rule of thumb to follow is: IF IT’S PAPER, RECYCLE IT! There is no need to remove staples, paper clips, rubber bands, plastic tabs, labels, or spiral bindings. We do, however, encourage the re-use of large metal fasteners and binders.

The following is a list of what is unacceptable to place in the paper recycling boxes:

Plastics Food Waste Wood/Metal
Toner Cartridges Carbon Paper Styrofoam
Binder/Binding Cases Metal Drink Containers Glass Containers
Food Containers/ Wrappers Used Tissue/Paper Towels  

Please remember to flatten containers whenever possible.

Individual offices and workstations will be provided with desk-side recycling boxes. If you require extra, please contact Property Management.

The cleaning staff will empty your garbage cans and desk-side recycling boxes nightly. Please make your staff aware of this policy so that they do not store old papers that they may wish to refer to later in these recycling boxes. It is very unlikely that a piece of paper accidentally placed in the recycling container could ever be recovered. The material placed in the recycling boxes is emptied by housekeeping personnel into recycling containers on their carts. The bags from the carts are then emptied into the recycling compactor.

This process cannot ensure confidentiality. Therefore, we recommend that any sensitive information be shredded before it is placed in the recycling containers.

Glass, Plastic, and Metal

The Summit has a “Glass, Plastic, & Metal” recycling program in place. These materials can be comingled with paper and cardboard recycling. The following explains what products can and cannot be recycled:

All colors of glass bottles and jars Tin, steel, and aluminum cans and materials Plastic containers
Broken bottles Paint cans Plastic buckets with lids on
Glassware Aerosol cans Plastic containers with heavy food residue
Window or pane glass Batteries Plastic chemical containers

Should you be hosting an event that requires an additional recycling pick-up, please contact the Property Management Office. Additional bins are also available should the needs of your office change in the future.

Lamps and Ballasts

Lamps, ballasts, and miscellaneous lighting are recycled through Ecolights Northwest.


Small office electronic equipment can be dropped off in the e-waste recycling bins located in the loading dock. Please contact the Property Management Office should you require clarification as to what is acceptable.

The following explains what electronic products can and cannot be recycled:

Audio and Video Tapes Laser and Inkjet Printers DVD and VCR Players
Video Cameras Medical Equipment Radios, Two-Way Radios
CDs and DVDs Modems Fax Machines
Cell Phones, Accessories Networking Hardware Satellite TV Equipment
Computers, Accessories Phones, Answering Machines Laptops
Computer Monitors Wires, Connectors, Cables Typewriters
Chemicals Light Bulbs Tires
Gasoline Oil Wood Furniture
Glass Paint  Batteries
Printer, Toner Cartridges    

Recycling Tips

  • Glass Recycling: Please do not break the bottles. Labels, corks, and metal rings do not have to be removed.
  • Metal Recycling: Both steel and aluminum cans are acceptable. Flatten the metal cans to ensure that the use of the container is maximized. Cans should be rinsed clean. Labels do not have to be removed.
  • Plastic Recycling: Refer to the bottom of the plastic container to identify the container code. Remove caps and flatten the containers wherever possible. Please rinse out the containers before placing them into the recycling bin.

Styrofoam Recycling

The Summit recycles expanded polystyrene products (commonly referred to as Styrofoam). All expanded polystyrene should be bagged or boxed and placed in the kitchen, where it will be picked up by the night janitors. Large pieces can be taken to the appropriate recycling bin, located at the loading dock on level P2 of the garage.


The Summit composts extensively. Each Tenant kitchen has a green compost bin which is emptied by the Janitorial staff. Please refer to the guide below for a partial list of items that can and cannot be composted. Please contact the Property Management Office should you require clarification as to what is acceptable.

The following explains what products can and cannot be composted:

Meat, poultry, fish Bread, dough, pasta Waxed cardboard/paper
Egg shells/bones Rice, grains Uncoated paper cups/plates
Egg and dairy products Coffee grounds and filters Pizza boxes
Table and plate scrapings Tea bags Plants and flowers
Fruits and vegetables Kitchen paper towels Paper napkins
Produce baskets/netting Metal of any sort Human waste/fluids
Plastic wrap Rubber bands Greases or liquids
Plastic-coated items Latex or plastic gloves Styrofoam
Garbage Used tissues Painted or treated wood

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