In order to meet the expanding telecommunications and security needs of our tenants, we have instituted new secure cable and wiring guidelines.

To help ensure these guidelines are followed and your telecommunications systems remain secure, we are pleased to announce that we have selected Summit Riser Systems (SRS) to be our sole provider for all Vertical Riser cabling installations at The Summit. Only SRS will be granted access to the buildings Telco closets going forward.

In association with The Summit, Summit Riser Systems will:

  • Manage and control the riser cabling services. The riser is the vertical conduit or path between floors of the building, which carries telephone lines and high-speed circuits from the carrier drop off point located [example: located on the first floor] to your floor and backboard.
  • Protect the security and integrity of the building’s riser system and telecommunications closets.

What does this mean for Summit Tenants?

It means better security, protection and organization of the building’s riser system and your telephone closets, because access to the building’s riser system and telephone closets located on each floor will be limited to SRS.

When you order a new telephone line or circuit, please contact SRS to bring that line from the carrier drop off point (also known as the Minimum Point of Entry or MPOE) to the backboard located within your suite. The Summit has negotiated with SRS to provide fast, quality service. This new riser program does not dictate which carrier you choose for your telecommunications services.

How Does This Process Work?

Example: Your Company needs another phone line/fax line or T-1.
Step 1: Call the telecommunications provider (Century Link, Verizon, AT&T, Cable Company, Level 3, etc.) and order a line as usual. The provider will provide an installation date to drop the line off at the minimum point of entry (MPOE) of the Building. They will usually give you the new telephone number.
Step 2: The next call should be to SRS to notify them of the installation date using the phone number below. SRS will provide you with a cost estimate for the work and confirm a schedule with you to extend your line from the MPOE of the building to the backboard located on the appropriate tenant floor.
Step 3: At this time, your Company may also consult with SRS for any in-suite voice and data cabling needs. This includes system design, installation, circuit extensions, moves, additions and changes, phone system and data networking services: sales and tech support and installation.

When the provider arrives on the installation date, they will check out the key to the Main Telephone room (MPOE) from the Security office. However, they will not be given the key to enter the building telephone closet on your floor. Only SRS will have access to those keys and facilitate the process.

Summit Riser Systems Provides Rapid Response
Summit Riser Systems will provide fast response and turn-around time, emergency and after-hour response, as well as consulting on expanding or changing your wiring configuration.

The contact number for Summit Riser Systems is 1-866-778-6648.

Please feel free to contact Property Management with any questions regarding this new and beneficial process.

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