About Urban Renaissance Group

We’re a full-service real estate company. We handle it all, from building acquisition to ground-up development and major renovations to property management and engineering. Having all these disciplines in-house is our competitive advantage.

Our mission is to create places that inspire and connect. Places that are beautiful, places where it’s easy to work and places that foster connection. We’re not just developers, we’re stewards of the built environment. And it’s our duty to add something great to the communities in which we work.

Our operations approach includes asset management, leasing, property management and engineering. Combining these core competencies in one onsite firm gives our partners confidence that their property is being well managed, inside and out.

Strategic thinking is at the heart of our asset management. We recognize the long-term value of well-located but underperforming properties and apply our real estate expertise and creativity to meet owner objectives, attract high caliber tenants and maximize returns.

With a track record of outperforming the market, our leadership team follows a leasing strategy grounded in market knowledge, experience, broker relationships and attention to detailed economic and non-economic business terms in lease negotiation. This starts with effective asset positioning, whether leasing a project directly or overseeing a listing broker.

Properties under our management include high-rise assets, historic office buildings, retail and mixed-use properties. Our execution focuses on astute financial management, timely reporting and accounting, proactive maintenance and engineering services, frequent property inspections, annual property audits, progressive sustainable practices and emergency preparedness. Through superior service and ongoing customer engagement, we work to positively impact our tenants’ businesses.