Key & Lock Policy


The Summit will re-key new premises prior to a Tenant move-in. Two (2) office keys will be provided at no charge.

If you are a full-floor Tenant and your contractor is installing a new entrance door to your premises, please ensure they coordinate the lock and keys through Property Management to ensure your lock complies with The Summit’s specifications.

If you wish to change the cylinders or reset combinations on any locks within your premises, please contact Property Management. An additional charge will be applied directly to your Tenant account for this service. For security reasons, we recommend that locks be changed if a key-holding is terminated for any reason.


All keys at The Summit are keyed to a building master key system. This key system is necessary so that the building staff have access to all areas in the event of an emergency. For this reason, we require that no locks be changed or additional locks/bolts be added to any door within your suite. If additional lock work for your suite is necessary, services will need to be provided by or coordinated with Engineering staff. To schedule, please submit a work order request or contact Property Management.