Loading Dock / Deliveries

All deliveries must be made to the loading dock area. The loading dock is located on Level P2 in the garage. The entrance to the loading dock is on 110th Avenue and can accommodate the following dimensions:

14’ Clearance Height. Maximum of 28’ truck length. No combination trucks.

There is a 30 minute maximum load/unload time in the loading dock, unless specifically approved. Any deliveries that will require more than 30 minutes or require more than one trip up the freight elevator must be approved by Property Management and completed after-hours. No packages or deliveries are to be left on the loading dock. Wooden pallets are the responsibility of the tenant and cannot be left on the loading dock.

The loading dock is shared by all three buildings for load/unload and delivery purposes only. Access to the loading dock may be arranged with the Property Management Office by filling out the Passdown Request Form located HERE.

Code of Conduct

All delivery drivers and couriers must be aware of the following rules when delivering to the premises:

  1. All deliveries must be made through the loading dock. No Exceptions.
  2. There is no parking available on the loading dock for personal vehicles. Moving trucks are allowed in the loading dock when actively loading and unloading only, not during idle times such as tenant internal moves or furniture assembly/disassembly.
  3. Drivers must enter the loading dock with due care and attention. No speeding is permitted (5 mph maximum) and vehicles must not be parked so as to block others in. Vehicles must be parked with their engines switched off.
  4. Persistent offenders in relation to the above will be ticketed. Difficult individuals will be banned from the site and their companies notified in writing.
  5. Drivers must check in/check out with the Security Office on the loading dock before leaving their vehicles and commencing deliveries. They must sign in the log book provided when they arrive and when they leave.
  6. Deliveries/Packages must be labeled and attended at all times. All deliveries, articles, materials or miscellaneous items on the loading dock must not be left for more than 24 hours. Unidentified deliveries, articles, materials or miscellaneous items at the loading dock will be disposed of without notice.
  7. Property Owner does not assume liability for lost, damaged, stolen, or disposed of deliveries, articles, materials or miscellaneous items at the loading dock.
  8. Beyond the loading dock all dollies and hand trucks must have pneumatic tires (soft rubber tires).
  9. No pallet jacks. All pallets must be removed immediately.
  10. 150 lb. weight limit on hand trucks strictly enforced!
  11. Drivers must use the freight elevator when delivering to the floors. No delivery carts are permitted in the passenger elevators; only small hand carried items are allowed. However, a driver may use up to 3 square feet in the freight elevator lobbies to stack items prior to distribution to the floor.
  12. Large deliveries and moves must be scheduled for non-business hours and must be coordinated with the Property Management Office.
  13. Masonite is to be used in all floors of elevators and lobby areas.

Freight Elevator

The freight elevators in Summit 1, Summit 2 and Summit 3 are to be used for deliveries only. Use of the freight elevator in Summit 2 requires an access card with that permission. This can be requested by the tenant contact(s) at each company, or a freight-elevator-enabled access card can be checked out from the Security Console on level P2 of the garage. The freight elevator hours are dictated by the Tenant’s business hours. To arrange for use outside normal business hours or to reserve the freight elevators for an extended time during large deliveries, please complete the Passdown Request Form located HERE. Forty-eight (48) hours’ notice is needed on all extended deliveries. All approved reservations are scheduled on a “first-come, first-served” basis.

Freight Elevator Dimensions: Summit 1 & Summit 2 - 102” High x 80” Wide x 64” Deep, with a 42” x 84” doorway. Summit 3 - 81” High x 63 ½“ Wide, with a 9’ x 54” doorway

Inner car diagonal measurement corner to corner is 92”. Capacity is 3500 pounds, provided the weight is centered in the elevator end to end and side to side. Delivery of very heavy loads should be coordinated with Property Management and may require an Elevator Technician on site, at the Tenant's expense.

Vendor/Contractor Access

There may be special instances when vendors or contractors need to perform work in your suite during non-business hours. In such instances, please provide written notification to the Property Management Office stating the name(s) of the individual(s) and the company, the date they will be coming and the approximate time. All requests for after-hours vendor access need to be reported to the Property Management Office using the “after-hours access” form located HERE.

Please note that free parking is not granted to vendors and contractors. They may use the loading dock to load and unload for a 30 minute time period only.

Pre-Approved Vendor/Contractor List

Each Tenant may submit a pre-approved vendor/contractor list to the Property Management Office at summitadmin@urbanrengroup.com. This will allow vendors/contractors who require frequent access to your suite to check out a freight elevator access card through security without delivery-specific approval from the Property Management Office. For instance, if you have a coffee service which comes once a week to your suite, you are more than welcome to add that vendor to your list.


The mail center for The Summit is located on P2 in the Service Area. The U.S. Postal Service delivers incoming mail Monday through Friday. Incoming mail may be picked up Monday through Friday after 2:30 p.m. Please contact the Property Management Office to request a mailbox.

Outgoing mail is picked up every day at 3:30 p.m. The outgoing boxes are located next to the mail room. Please note that no collections are made on Saturdays, Sundays or holidays. Also located in the mail center are overnight service companies. Following is a list of companies and pick up times:

Company Pick Up
FedEx 4:30 p.m.

The closest Post Office is at 1171 Bellevue Way NE, on the corner of Bellevue Way and NE 12th Street. Their phone number is (800) 275-8777 for more information or on the web at www.usps.com.

You can ship packages at Office Depot (UPS) located at 227 Bellevue Way NE or FedEx Office located at 10635 NE 8th Street.

Amazon Hub Locker

With Amazon Hub Locker, you can receive your Amazon packages at secure locations. Locker locations can be found when selecting a shipping address during the checkout process or when adding a new address in Your Account.


Newspaper deliveries for The Summit occur at all times throughout the night. Papers are placed in paper boxes located adjacent to the mailboxes in the Service Area. If you would like to reserve a paper box, please inform the Property Management Office at (425) 467-8181.

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